Flutter Bottom Sheet Ui is a today stander for mobile application development. We used to make a good UI and more user friendly so we used the bottom sheet. Basically, the Bottom sheet working like click on any component a sheet come for the bottom of the screen.

the bottom…

Fresher job tips free app has offline/ online Collection information , This app has been provide the fresher student job tips like Dresses Tips, Interview Tips , Online test, Resume Tips , and apply Online for job In many job Portal,Fresher job Tips

Application Features :- 1. You can browse the menu of many different type.
2. You can through all the categories sub categories ans find tips in each of them .
3. Tips for What to wear for an interview , Interview tips .
. 4. Interview type and question.
5. Online Technical , Aptitude test.
6. Resume Tips.
7. Apply Online on different job portal.

★★★ Features ★★★

★ 40 Most Important Interview Questions covered for each Subject Areas ( Total 500+ Questions )
★ 14 Different Subjects covered
– General (HR)
– Java job Interview
– .NET job Interview
– PHP job Interview
– DBMS job Interview
– Data Structure job Interview
– Finance job Interview
– Marketing job Interview
– Electronics job Interview
– C/C++ job
– Networking job Interview
– Software Testing job Interview
– Android job Interview
– Unix job Interview

Dynamic Launcher Icon and Name for Android App

Here is the simple way to change your android apps Launcher icon and Application name dynamically. If you want multiple launcher icons and Application names these Android tutorials for you you can see some simple steps to make you App Dynamic Launcher Icon and Name for Android.

Let’s Start to…

Hi Developer in this Android tutorial we are sharing how to make speedometer in Android. Like if you want to showing a value in meter like speed. So in these Android blog we make an Speed meter UI and show a value on meter

So Let’s start on topic Android speedometer

Step :- 1 Android Customize UI for Speed meter.

Let’s make a customize UI for Speed meter.so Create a java class with name of SpeedometerView and extend View for customize view.

And add these java view to in your layout xml with you package

ReadMore For FUll Source Code


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